Here you can find our Curriculum as well as guidelines, routine, or other general advices.
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At the group we can offer a wide range of activities to support our aim of "Learning through Play". The Curriculum is designed to promote learning and to provide opportunities to reach the Early Learning Goals in the Foundation Stage of Education.  Children at a young age learn through their own enjoyment of an experience or activity.  By providing a wide variety of activities both familiar and unfamiliar we allow the children to make their own choices and thus learn at their own individual pace.  As we get to know each child we can stimulate their interest and enjoyment by extending and supporting their play, thus facilitating learning.

Activities on offer include: role play, painting, sticking, crayoning, sand and water play, craft, playdough, cutting, home corner, dressing up, numbers, book corner, music and singing, cookery, wheeled toys, gardening and a nature area.  

Children can be as 'messy' as they choose, but we encourage them to participate in the clearing away, learning to take responsibility for their actions and take care for their surroundings.

We have a written curriculum with Long Term, Medium Term and Session Plans.

The activities at Pre-School cover the seven areas of Early Years Curriculum: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physicial Development and specific areas Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

The curriculum is designed to support the areas of learning which are the essential basis for later studies in school   At Pre-School children will have the opportunity, through games, activities, stories, songs and play to (among many other things);
• Use language to communicate with adults and other children
• Listen and respond as part of a group
• Recognise the use of print to carry information, stories and ideas
• Understand simple ideas of length, weight and volume
• Recognise shapes and colours
• Create and recognise patterns and sequences
• Have the opportunity to be creative
• Develop their own independence
• Develop body strength and co-ordination
• Learn social skills, sharing taking turns and operating as part of a group
• Enjoy learning and develop their interests

Settling In
Starting Pre-School is a big step in a child's life, one that can be quite daunting faced with new adults and children. We ask parents to stay with your child for the first introductory 2 hour session to get to know us.  You are then welcome to stay with your child for as long as necessary until you both feel happy about the separation.
There are named coat pegs available at Pre-School and boxes to keep shoes/Wellingtons in. Activities at Pre-School can be messy; we provide aprons, but accidents do happen, so it is advisable not to send your child in their best clothes.  Please provide your child with named Wellingtons.  We like to go outside all year round, weather permitting, and the grass can be muddy.  Soft shoes or slippers are recommended for use indoors.  Please provide a bag with a change of clothes for your child.  These can be left at Pre-School.
We regularly provide the children with the materials to do a craft activity. We allow them to express their own creativity, not those of
the adults.  The pleasure and learning comes from the activity itself, choosing cutting and gluing (using manipulation and fine motor movement) rather than the finished product.  It's the doing that counts!

Snack Time
We provide a healthy snack for the children, e.g. fruit, raisins, cracker, biscuit and a glass of milk. Water is available as an
alternative to milk.  If your child has any special dietary needs please let the Play Leader know.

When it is your child's birthday to help us celebrate you can bring in a treat for the children; e.g. fun size treats or cakes. If you have any
celebrations you would like us to talk about in Pre-School please let the Play Leader know.

Washing Facilities
We have toilet facilities and child sized hand-washing facilities in the portacabin.
Links With School
We are sited in the school grounds and have full use of all the school's outside facilities, school field and adventure play apparatus. Gradually this enables the children to become familiar with the school premises, so that at school age it is no longer an unknown.  We also meet occasionally with the reception class for stories, games and activities.
You can download our policies or request a copy from us. We now have a separate page for Policy File downloads, Click Here